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Inspiration: Nature


There’s no doubt that designers of any kind get inspiration from nature. It actually unavoidable not to be inspired by nature. Colors, forms, shapes, animals, day, night, light, shadows, there’s always something that triggers “that idea”. Here’s a small list of websites, t-shirts and wallpapers inspired by nature.




I am thinking of doing this once a week, so if you are an artist of any kind and you would like to show your work here at webtoolkit4.me then just send me a link to your portfolio or files at tsiger [ at ] webtoolkit4.me [ dot ] com. Enjoy!


  1. that was inspiring indeed
    i’m working on a project concerning enviromental issues and this one reminded me i have to build a website:)

    by the way you should go to your twitter hopepage and click on ‘replies’

    dimhap’s last blog post..mixtape 4

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