If i had to take a different career path, that would be a logo designer. I don’t know why. I have done some logos for some local business in the past and this process of trying to expose – represent – communicate as much as possible out of a company’s philosophy makes me want to follow this process everyday.

Well, i am a web designer and i leave this part to the pros. I silently follow Jacob Cass on twitter and read his amazing blog. Today he announced the launch of Logo of the day, a logo inspiration gallery that you should keep an eye on. It’s not that you will find tons of logos (come on, they’ve just got started) but you should really be a regular visitor just because Jacob Cass and Jeff Fisher decide which ones will make it to the gallery pages. Isn’t that enough?

While writing these lines i went through Jacob’s post about the launch of Logo the day and i realised that he’s offering some great prizes by promoting Logo of the Day (i guess i am one of those then, horray!).

Speaking of Logo design the other guy who i silently follow on twitter is Graham Smith and read his also amazing blog imjustcreative.com/blog. Keep an eye over there as he is preparing something as well. Two lines are not enough to talk about imjustcreative but i will get back at him and his work in a post i am preparing for people i admire and why.

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