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EcoFont | Less is more

This one is actually useful for people who print a lot and would like to save some ink. Ecofont is a new optimised font that saves you (according to the developers) 20% ink. The Ecofont is based on the Vera Sans, an Open Source letter, and is available for both PC and MAC.Have a look at EcoFont.


  1. What?! Could you please do me a favour: leave it to people who know what they’re talking about or at least write in a more objective way. That font font is mere crap! Nothing more and nothing less. It’s not legible and it doesn’t save anything compared to condensed or office optimised fonts which would also save paper! Aight?!

  2. Um.. in my 3 lines paragraph i do mention that according to the developers someone could save 20% of ink. I downloaded the font, wrote something, printed it out and looks good to me. Aight?

  3. I have to agree with typecutter – if it were not that close to Christmas, I’d wonder if it was not April 1st.

    Why not use an outline font? At 9pt, the whole thing would fill in anyway – more than likely due to “spread”.

    Look – simple way to save ink – print the whole document in 2pt type, wait for it – on ELASTIC paper. Gee whizz – whatever next – maybe a “dot matrix” font…

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