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Polaroid icon set

Here’s another free icon set for you. 16 PNG icons on some of the most popular web services. YouTube, delicious, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, stumpleupon, mySpace, Feedburner, Skype, Yahoo, Last.fm, Linkin, Reddit and Gmail. As always, these icons are free to use on any kind of project both personal or commercial. The only thing that you cannot do is sell them. Here it is. The Polaroid Icon set. Hope you like them. They work with dedicated web hosting and other compatible provider.


  1. Thanks for the great icons. The only thing is that Stumble Upon is spelled wrong. If you fix it, would you mind emailing me and letting me know? Thanks.

  2. How could you miss some of the others like Technorati, or better yet… BlogCatalog. Please do a part 2 and complete the collection for everyone to use! Great set!

  3. Thank you for creating these. I have a entertainment services internet start up company for directory listings and these buttons are a godsend. Instead of using the full website address, I can use the buttons to give the site a cleaner, prettier look.

  4. I plan to use these on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Hoping you will eventually add the following:

    google profile
    yahoo profile
    yahoo messanger

  5. KarlikCZ: Unless you haven’t found it yourself or anyone else have similar problem, the font for POLAROID ICON SET is probably very common LUCIDA HANDWRITING (my Photoshop CS4 had it as a default font).

  6. Would be great if you could add Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Mobile Me, Etsy and Paypal….I absolutely LOVE THESE. Want to use them but I definitely need a set with Amazon. Thank you!

  7. These social media icons are what I am looking for. There is the icon and the label name of the particular social media site. I love it. Thank you.

  8. Great icons, thank you so much for sharing them. But, erm… the label on the StumbleUpon icon reads ‘stumpleupon’! A small oversight on your part, I’m sure ;-) (corrected it to use on my site)

  9. Thanks a lot for these. Its so hard to find quality web 2.0 icons nowadays, at least without paying through the nose for them. I’ll definitely be using these on my site. Thanks a lot :)

  10. Hey great work! This are really cool icons :)

    I’ve a question: will ever be present the icon for foursquare?

    Thanks again, great work!

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