Inspiration: web design trends in 2009 (and probably 2010): Where are we heading?

August 15th, 2009 - Design, Inspiration - 56 Comments


Big photography, huge typography, sketches, nature and sliders. There are other “trends” as well but i believe these are the elements used mostly in today’s web design world and will be used next year as well. In this post I’ve got 4  sites for each of  the 5 categories i mentioned earlier.

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Inspiration: 13 beautiful single page websites you should really see

August 11th, 2009 - Design, Inspiration - 14 Comments


I really like singe page web design. I am using this technique in a couple of personal websites and i must say, it really works. Here’s a small collection of personal favorites one page websites.

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Inspiration: Record covers and sleeves from an era where photoshop wasn’t around

July 11th, 2009 - Design, Inspiration - 4 Comments


About a week ago, a really interesting project landed. Someone who collects LPs and CDs asked me if i could design an e-shop for him so he can sell and connect with people who want to buy or exhange this kind of stuff. After about 2 days of research on the subject i was amazed from the quality of the designs for covers and sleeves that exist in an era were tools like photoshop and illustrator weren’t around. So here’s a small list of websites with this kind of art

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Logo of the Day – Logo Design Inspiration

November 28th, 2008 - Design, Inspiration - 2 Comments

If i had to take a different career path, that would be a logo designer. I don’t know why. I have done some logos for some local business in the past and this process of trying to expose – represent – communicate as much as possible out of a company’s philosophy makes me want to follow this process everyday.

Well, i am a web designer and i leave this part to the pros. I silently follow Jacob Cass on twitter and read his amazing blog. Today he announced the launch of Logo of the day, a logo inspiration gallery that you should keep an eye on. It’s not that you will find tons of logos (come on, they’ve just got started) but you should really be a regular visitor just because Jacob Cass and Jeff Fisher decide which ones will make it to the gallery pages. Isn’t that enough?

While writing these lines i went through Jacob’s post about the launch of Logo the day and i realised that he’s offering some great prizes by promoting Logo of the Day (i guess i am one of those then, horray!).

Speaking of Logo design the other guy who i silently follow on twitter is Graham Smith and read his also amazing blog Keep an eye over there as he is preparing something as well. Two lines are not enough to talk about imjustcreative but i will get back at him and his work in a post i am preparing for people i admire and why.

Inspiration: Nature

November 8th, 2008 - Design, Inspiration - 4 Comments

There’s no doubt that designers of any kind get inspiration from nature. It actually unavoidable not to be inspired by nature. Colors, forms, shapes, animals, day, night, light, shadows, there’s always something that triggers “that idea”. Here’s a small list of websites, t-shirts and wallpapers inspired by nature.

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