I am so happy to announce that our premium WordPress themes store is now live! You will find 4 themes in the gallery at the moment and you can grab them for $79! In the zip file of each theme you will find both xhtml and html5 versions, not only WordPress ones, but plain html as well. A newsletter template is also available with every theme.

For our first 100 customers we made things even cheaper! Sign up now using the coupon code C09A773 and get a $10 discount!

Last year, i had an idea of launching a small premium WordPress themes shop. So, slowly but steadily i designed a series of templates and integrated them to WordPress. Thing is that as there many really great premium WordPress theme shops out there i had to figure a way and offer, well, something more, something different. And i think, i found it. In September cssigniter.com will see the light of the day. Every month i’ll be providing at least 2 new themes in more than one versions. What do i mean? Well subscribe to the newsletter, follow @cssigniter on Twitter and you’ ll get more and more info about it.

The results from “The state of web development 2010″ survery conducted by webdirections.org are now available. I can’t really find any surprises in there. Firefox is by far the browser of choice for many web professionals although Google Chrome climbs up to 3rd position behind Safari. jQuery seems to be an industry standard with an 78% of the people who participated using it as their primary javascript framework. HTML5, CSS3 and web fonts are the new kids around and transitional doctypes are still popular. Apache, PHP and mySQL are the most popular Server-side technologies as well.

This is my new pet project called collectivesunited.com and the idea behind it is very simple. I am trying to collect all these really interesting roundups about design, development, photography etc. I decided to give the authors or people who’d like to share something interesting, the option to publish their own roundups (moderated of course). So have a look and if you are an author feel free to submit your roundup!