Mono Columnist is my first free wordpress theme featured here, in This theme is very simple, only one column and a footer. No widgets, no troubles, no weird setup. Upload it and start writing. Mono Columnist is free and available in 4 different color schemes. In order to change to the color scheme just open up style.css and uncomment the style that you want. That’s it. Free for both personal and commercial projects but not available for redistribution of any kind. Enjoy!

Hello everyone,

Actually i am bit late, but there we go, the winners for the 2 prizes i promised a while ago.
So, after picking some random comment numbers the winners are:

Stylizer: Paolo Valzania
Pixelmator: The Voyager
I ll get in touch with you in order to give you your serial numbers.
Congratulation guys!

And from tomorrow we’ll get back in track with more resources.

Hi everyone, it’s this time of the year again where i have to take a break and recharge my batteries. So before leaving my RSS feed alone for about 15 days i decided to give away 2 small but powerful apps to 2 lucky readers. So here they are then:

Stylizer for Windows users

For our windows friends it’s Stylizer. If you don’t know what this is, well you should give it a try. It’s a CSS editor but not like every other editor. It approaches things in a visual way but with 100% control over your stylesheet. If you manage to spend the first 15 “uncomfortable” minutes and manage (which is really easy) to find your way around, well you don’t go back. It just rocks.

Pixelmator photo editor for Mac users


Yes i do know Photoshop is the industry standard but for Pixelmator’s price, well, i don’t think you will find anything similar to this. Here’s you chance to win a copy of this little gem.

All you have to do is leave a comment (and choose the product that you would like to win) . Yeap that’s it, nothing else. I will pick up the winners on September 1st when i get back to the office. Good luck everyone and see you in 2 weeks!