What is Microjs.com? Imagine you need a certain JavaScript functionality on your website or app, chances are that someone has already implemented it in an easy to work with framework.

Microjs.com is a nice website that helps you find the suitable JavaScript micro-framework for your needs. Quite useful!

Microjs.com helps you discover the most compact-but-powerful microframeworks, and makes it easy for you to pick one that’ll work for you.

There are many grid templates out there for Photoshop and (i guess, but why?) for Illustrator as well. Grid calculator is an online grid generator that let’s you specify the maximum width of your page, the columns that you need and of course gutter and margin widths. After setting up the values that you need, just click Adobe Illustrator if you want the .ai file or click Adobe Photoshop and you will get a .jsx file. A .jsx file is a script  that you can run in Photoshop and in our case it will setup the guides for you.

mobl is a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications. Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl offers you

  • a concise language to build native-feeling web apps in a jiff;
  • great (Eclipse) IDE support (such as as-you-type error reporting, code completion and reference resolving);
  • a rapid save and test cycle. No more lengthy compilations, the mobl IDE compiles your modules whenever you save, ready to be tested in the mobile browser.

If you are anything like me, then my guess is that you search for inspiration in various places. On of those places for me is High Quality Bookmarks which is run by Yiannis Konstantakopoulos and it’s all about interesting links for a number of topics. Photography, design, software, Apple, business and anything in general that he finds interesting. Lately the owner decided to share his goodies using the English language (it started in Greek) so if you are looking for some really great, carefully picked findings from the interwebs, have a look, grab the feed and enjoy.