Fantasy Interactive released an alpha version of their flash blogging platform called What is all about? Plain and simple. Create an account in 1′ minute or less (you only have to activate your membership, that’s the only extra step) and start writing, uploading video, music, pictures or whatever you want. Create in other words your own “Kontainer” in seconds.

The whole platform is Flash based and some people could say WTF?, but before saying anything just pay a visit, create an account and start playing around. I don’t know, the interface just makes sense. If you want to learn more about it, have a look at FI’s offical website and the post on their “Kontainer”. Excellent work.

There are so many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Expression Engine, MovableType you name it. The problem with these platforms is the fact that they have tones of features that i don’t think many people use. Most of the blogs i visit are following the same “posts, archive, search, links, popular, comments” format.

If you are looking for a very simple blogging platform have a look at wordcraft. It provides the basic functionality (pages, posts, comments, tags, trackbacks, friendly_urls) and a very easy system to create your templates. So, if the above features are all you need, then give it a try. Current version is 0.4 and it’s hosted at Google Code.