mobl is a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications. Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl offers you

  • a concise language to build native-feeling web apps in a jiff;
  • great (Eclipse) IDE support (such as as-you-type error reporting, code completion and reference resolving);
  • a rapid save and test cycle. No more lengthy compilations, the mobl IDE compiles your modules whenever you save, ready to be tested in the mobile browser.

Some great news can be found at Adobe Labs. At MAX 2009, Adobe announced the next version of Flash (CS5) that will enable us to build applications for iPhone using Actionscript 3.0. A public beta is not available yet but Adobe says it will be available before the end of the year.  If you want to learn more about it, keep an eye on Adobe Labs page for Flash CS5.

To small/medium scale website designers: How many times per week do you have to create a basic site file structure? You know, create the image directory, the javascript directory, download or copy & paste the framework in it, create the css directory, place the framework of your choice, reset file or whatever etc etc etc.

Well Project Deploy will help you with this. Through a wizard, you can choose the basic structure of your new site. Choose the doc-type of your (x)html files, create (if needed) the css directory and place a reset css file, use or not the jquery framework and create the basic directory structure. Great little app!