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Wordcraft | an alternative blogging platform


There are so many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Expression Engine, MovableType you name it. The problem with these platforms is the fact that they have tones of features that i don’t think many people use. Most of the blogs i visit are following the same “posts, archive, search, links, popular, comments” format.

If you are looking for a very simple blogging platform have a look at wordcraft. It provides the basic functionality (pages, posts, comments, tags, trackbacks, friendly_urls) and a very easy system to create your templates. So, if the above features are all you need, then give it a try. Current version is 0.4 and it’s hosted at Google Code.

let’s move on

Alright people. There it is. I don’t know probably it’s because i’ve been so busy for the last couple of months, online all the time and when visiting webtoolkit4.me feels like being in an empty room. Like i just moved or something (c’mon cut the crap and get a life you may say).

I’ve managed to collect the most important articles and i will start from tomorrow putting things back online. My little icons, some vector resources, a couple of photoshop tutorials will be back. Everything else, well, i don’t know. If i find the time to do it then yes, i will.

As you can see the template has changed and i’d love to hear from you. It’s not 100% there yet but yet get the idea.

webtoolkit is coming back

Hey everyone. hope you are doing fine. as you can see, webtoolkit had some major problems. actually it’s been attacked and everything that could go wrong, well, went wrong. Someone was disturbed but as i said, this is a pet project for me. It’s not like i am going to jump from the 5th floor or something. Actually a new template is in place, a bit of tweaking and i am back online in a few days. Stay tuned people!

Social Icons Made of Wood

Here’s another social icon set from webtoolkit4.me. This time the theme is wood. The set consists of 11 icons in PNG format (64 x 64). It’s free for both personal and commercial projects. Here it is then. Enjoy :)